Go From Freelancing To Becoming An Agency Boss

Watch the video below. After 7:30 minute mark I talk about what's included in this program

Turn your degree, skills or certifications into a profitable online business!

Stop relying on Fiverr & Upwork and stop paying expensive platform fees by launching your solo service agency today!

Who is "Freelancer To Agency Boss" for?

  • Anyone who has been following Nosheen for a while and and believe she has the experience one should learn from.

  • Anyone who has watched the above video and understand what will be covered.

  • Anyone who has been a freelancer and is ready to pivot to their own one-person agency for stable and recurring income.

  • Anyone who wants to quit their 9-5 and start their own online digital agency to make money from home.

  • Anyone who can follow directions and implement what is being taught, consistently.

If this is you, then signup today!

You will be learning

How To

  • Get testimonials

  • Gain experience

  • Build a process

  • Make money

By creating

  • Landing page

  • Thank you page

  • Create pricing for your services

  • Lead Magnet

  • Email followup sequence

  • Discovery call + Demo slides

  • Close

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This program is specifically designed for people who are already providing services as freelancers and now want to start their own one person agency.

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